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Exhibit Design.


All of our projects begins with exhibit evaluation or exhibit planning. Either for existing museums or new start-ups, the facility planning, or growth planning is always based on the understanding of the exhibits and how they interface with the building spaces, flow within the space and how they communicate with the community. dmdg2 provides every aspect of exhibit planning and design including;


Exhibit Development.

During this development phase dmdg2 works with the client team to research the project's subject matter, create initial story lines, define an underlying design language and develop a wide variety of concepts that will serve as the basis for the project's overall visitor experience.


​Exhibit Planning.

During this planning, approved concepts are developed in greater detail. Specific areas of focus include defining the spatial relationships of areas and developing the style, form, and function of various components that comprise the overall visitor experience.


​Exhibit Conceptual Design.

Exhibit planning concepts are given specific program elements and each component is detailed in program description and schematic drawings or renderings.


​Basic Exhibit Design Services.

dmdg2 team of creative designers work with your team to develop design drawings, including schematic design, design development, and construction documents to detail the approved concepts to produce a comprehensive set of documents that represent every aspect of the development work.


​Graphic Design.

dmdg2 views graphic design as an integral part of each project's overall identity, message, and visitor experience. Our creative team provides a wide range of graphic design services, including design and development of interior graphic panels, identity, theme, way-finding and environmental signage.


Exhibit Testing and Prototyping. 

With many of our exhibits we often see the benefit to produce working prototypes to test and ensure the application, expected outcome, and durability. Our client's have also used these prototype models during pre-construction/fabrication for fundraising.​


​Project Management.

Our project managers are responsible to the client for the entire project team as well as for the planning, development, and management of the project program. Project management concentrates on the overall planning of resources, scope of work, project organization, scheduling, contract administration, and day-to-day coordination of the project.  dmdg2 develops bidding documents for every exhibit. Once bid documents are complete, dmdg2 provides our clients with bidding oversight, bid evaluation, fabrication oversight and installation coordination and approval.

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