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What we're


facility master planning

exhibit master planning

fundraising support

coordination with architects / builders / developers 

coordination with owners & museum boards

audience evaluation / focus groups

cost estimating 




storyline developing

script / content editing

content research

demographic & like facility research



exhibit design

graphic design

media design coordination & integration

lighting design

fabrication oversight

light fabrication

branding & visual identity

retail / shop design

way finding

We're about sharing your story. People want to be heard and seen and we help bring your story and passion to life through the use of museum planning and exhibit design.

We’re about connecting people with their ancestors and cultures. About bringing cultures and uniqueness among people together. About celebrating our histories and where we’ve come from and where we’re going. We’re about the excitement and possibility learning and knowledge brings. We’re about community, and bringing like minded people together, and bringing differing opinions together. Fueling conversation and openness. 

This is what museums can do for people and our world. We care about bringing these things together and changing the way people interact and experience. And that's what we do.

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