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Welcome! What we're up to...

Updated: Apr 5

Hello world! We're here!

We are dmdg2, a museum planning and exhibit design firm based in beautiful Savannah, Georgia. We offer planning and design services exclusively to museums around the country.

This blog first came up a few years ago and ever since, we've been kicking the idea around the office. If you are a museum professional, we know you get this - you have all these great ideas and only so little time. Also, if you are a living, breathing, human being you also get this. Life is crazy, people get busy, projects get going and things get pushed to the back burner. Well, now we're bringing this to the front burner! We're here, and we're doing it!

Since we have chosen to work exclusively with museums, we've spent a lot of time in them. A LOT. So, we've come to know a thing or two about them. About how they run, what visitors want and need, docent trainings do's and don't, ticketing, retails, etc. etc. the list is long. Our leadership has been in this industry for almost 40 years. We wanted to create this blog to reach more of you, more museum professionals, more museum visitors, more humans looking for ways to connect and learn together. We're excited - aren't you?!

Topics will vary based on what's happening in the world, our experience or what's juicy and newsworthy or helpful to share. We do of course want to hear from you - the professionals, the readers, the world! If you have a question, an idea, a thought, a share, a comment; please get in touch. We would love to connect and have a chat and write up a post. If you're loving what we're putting down and want these straight to your inbox so you never miss a moment (highly recommend), subscribe and we'll get it to you. (We promise we won't spam you, honestly, ask anyone who is a subscriber.)

We're excited for this new journey and hope you'll follow along and join us. Museums are awesome, museum supporters are awesome and we want to share and connect with any museum lover out there. So let's do this!
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